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price calculator

price calculator

ceny The price calculator will give you an estimated price of subtitling and other services. The final price is determined by the actual amount of work or the number of subtitles. Thus the calculator is primarily intended to give you a rough idea about the price. Do not hesitate and contact us to get personalized and more detailed price calculation.

Length of a film or video in minutes:

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What is the language of the video and of is the desired language of the subtitles?

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Further video processing:

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  • The price is an estimate. Contact us to get a precise quote.
  • The price calculator is suitable only for standard jobs. It depends a lot on the talkativeness of the film or video.
  • A sizeable number of videos to be processed might mean that processing a single video could be less time consuming and the final price cheaper.
  • Price for creation of DVDs or BDs is only approximate and it is always necessary to make a specific calculation for your individual case.
  • The price calculator does not work for videos where barely anybody speaks.
  • Approximate time of delivery is only an estimate based on our experience. DVD/BD authoring or other less common orders might take longer. By all means, we will try our best to do our work as fast as possible.
  • We provide a reduced rate only exceptionally and mainly for projects that are clearly benefitial to the wider society like education, environmental protection, social solidarity and human rights. The reduced rate is meant mainly for NGOs or educational institutions. We decide individually whether we provide a reduced rate and the main criteria are the customer’s budget and the nature of the job detailed above.
  • Before ordering, please read our General Terms.