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servicesOur core services:

  • translation and proofreading
  • subtitling (spotting and editing)
  • embedding subtitles into videos and other video editing
  • training sessions in subtitling for translators
  • DCP authoring and editing
  • DVD and Blu-ray disc creation
  • output for TV (EBU STL, PAC and others)
  • output for festivals (SRT, TXT)
  • output for YouTube and internet (SRT, WebVTT)
  • output for DCP (XML interop or smpte)
  • output for your editing software (Final Cut Pro XML or others)
  • special subtitle formats (SSA/ASS and others)
  • we will advice you which subtitles and output is most suitable for you

Some information before placing an order:

  • good translation is vital for subtitling (audio transcript is also useful); we offer translation from all common languages and can also arrange for the less common ones;
  • you will need video material in a digitalized form, i.e. a computer file from your camera, AVI, MP4 etc. or a digital storage media (such as DVD-Video);
  • if you have a translation on hand, send it to, videos can be sent by WeTransfer (up to 2 GB for free) or MyAirBridge (up to 20 GB for free) or by any other file sharing website or just send us an email to arrange for a delivery of physical media such as a CD or a DVD;
  • we kindly ask you to read our General Terms before placing an order.