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general terms

general terms
  1. These general terms have came into force on October 10 2015. The terms specify the rights and obligations of the service provider, the company Titulkování.cz, s.r.o. based on Bítovská 1214/16, 140 00 Praha 4, identification number 03164748, and the customer. The service provider reserves the right to unilaterally change these terms in appropriate extent. The provider shall announce any change of these terms by publishing the new version of the generals terms on and
  2. A time necessary to carry out a commission is 14 working days unless the service provider and customer make a different arrangement. This period starts running only after the customer has supplied all information, documents and files necessary for carrying out the commission.
  3. The price is set by an offer of the provider or according to the price list published on or and valid on the day the customer places his or her order. The price is based on the length of the video and the amount of work that has actually been carried out, unless the service provider and customer make a different arrangement.
  4. The customer has been authorized by the copyright owner to translate and subtitle any copyrighted material in question and is authorized to order the translation and subtitling from a third party. In case this turns out not to be the case, any damages shall be paid by the customer.
  5. The service provider reserves a right not to carry out a commission that has been placed after notifying the customer first in case it would entail breaching the ethical codex of the provider; that is mainly anything breaching the Czech law or promoting products and services damaging to human health.
  6. The customer agrees to share his or her personal details with the service provider for the purposes of invoicing and carrying out the commissioned work.
  7. By sending a price quote by the service provider and commissioning the work by the customer, the two parties enter into a contract for work (translation, subtitling and technical work) and thus agree with these general terms.
  8. Unless the two parties make a different arrangement, the customer gives the provider permission to list basic information about the commission (title of the project, its length, information direction of the translation, month and year of the commission, informal title of the customer, logo of the customer, video screenshot, poster and a brief description of the commission) in a public database of references run by the service provider.
  9. Invoices are due after 21 days unless the service provider and customer make a different arrangement.
  10. The customer and provider agreed that contract for work, its amendments and legal relations arising from it, including questions regarding validity and consequences of invalidity, are subject of Czech law, excluding colliding norms. Any disagreements arising from this contract shall by decided by relevant Czech courts, specifically general court of the provider as stated by procedural Czech norms.
  11. The provider is responsible for errors in their work according to the law. The customer must check the quality of the work after receiving the work and notify the provider of any errors found without any unnecessary delays. The provider has to actively confirm that they were notified of the errors. They remedies the errors by fixing them; lower price for the work or cancelling the agreement is not applicable provided the provider delivers their work without errors in due term after they were notified of the errors.
  12. The customer is aware that translation into from one language into another usually allows for several valid variants and any variant is considered to be a proper delivery of the work. In case the customer wishes to change the delivered work, the provider shall carry out such changes at the expense of the customer.
  13. The customer agrees to obtain tax receipts only electronically, unless the service provider and customer make a different arrangement.
  14. Prices on and and in price quotes exclude VAT unless it is specified otherwise.
  15. In case of business disagreements, all legal proceedings in first instance shall take place under the jurisprudence of the district court of the service provider.


  • These general terms were first published on April 8 2015 and then were changed on October 6 2015 by adding section 8 and on June 11 2017 by adding section 9 and on December 17 2017 by adding section 10 and on March 17 2018 by adding sections 11-14 and on October 21 2018 by adding references to and on April 17 2020 by adding section 15 and on May 25 2021 by modifying the last sentence in section 3 (no other changes were made in either case) and on November 23 2022 by adding customer logo, video screenshot and commission poster in section 8 (no other changes were made in either case).