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July 9 2018 – Karlovy Vary International Film Festival just ended and you could see several films with English subtitles that were produced by us. Namely they were Markéta Wants Her Bag, Inside Mosul and Accumulator 1.

June 5 2018 – We have modified and enhanced our pricing. This resulted in a minor increase in order to cover inflation and to respond to a very tight job market. One of the major changes is a simplification of the reduced rate that we offer to projects focused on human rights, environmental protection, social solidarity and education.

April 1 2018 – We are celebrating our seventh birthday!

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March 17 2018 – We have updated our general terms.

June 11 2017 – We have updated our general terms.

April 1 2017 – We are celebrating our sixth birthday! And it's certainly not April Fools' Day...

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