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April 1 2019 – We are celebrating our 8th birthday!

January 7 2019 – In 2019, we started to offer services regarding digital cinema (DCP). We can author DCP (we can also work with encrypted ones and distribute KDMs), editing DCP (mainly adding, positioning and further editing of subtitles) and conversions of DCP into other formats. We temporarily offer lowered rates for this. We gained experience when we helped a group of towns in Czech-German borderlands to screen the film Teacher in Pirna during a festival they host. In case you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

October 27 2018 – You can visit the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival until Tuesday. Do not miss Passengers and Inside Mosul, two films that we provided English subtitles for. The Passengers are screened in a world premiere!

October 21 2018 – We have updated our general terms.

October 8 2018 – We have substantially upgraded our website at Our calculator can now provide you with an approximate quote for any language combination!

July 9 2018 – Karlovy Vary International Film Festival just ended and you could see several films with English subtitles that were produced by us. Namely they were Markéta Wants Her Bag, Inside Mosul and Accumulator 1.

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